10 Things to Do in Curacao

I Awakened with the Curacao Tourist Board to Get a fun although quick getaway in the Caribbean Sea to the island of Curacao.

10 Things to Do in Curacao

Known for beaches and the Dutch colonial architecture, Curacao is amazing mix of Euro-Caribbean culture that is unique and tropical landscapes.

Short History of Curacao

10 Things to Do in Curacao

Explore Willemstad

10 Things to Do in Curacao

Where to Eat

Tour the Hato Caves

I toured the island seeking the top 10 things to do in Curacao, and when I was not running around poolside was lounging in the Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort. Here is my record of the very best things to do in Curacao, but first…

The Ostrich Farm of visit Curacao

10 Things to Do in Curacao

Curacao is an island at the southern Caribbean Sea 40 km north of Venezuela. It’s a constituent country that forms part of this Kingdom of the Netherlands. The island was discovered by the Alonso de Ojeda, a lieutenant to Christopher Columbus at 1499. The Spanish must have called it Corazon or even”heart” since 20 decades after the island appeared on a Portuguese map since Curacao.

Try Curacao Liqueur in the Factory

It turned into a Dutch territory in 1634, until decolonization arrived in 1954, when the Netherlands Antilles (a five-island autonomous Caribbean country) gained equivalent status within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. In 2010, the Netherlands Antilles was dissolved and Curacao became autonomous.

Hike Christoffelpark National Park

Shete Boka National Park

Curacao is the island of pristine, white beaches and azure seas loving. Dutch is the official language nevertheless, Spanish and English are also widely spoken. Papiamentu is currently Curacao’s native and local language and can be a mix of seven different languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, English, African and Arawak Indian).

Stay in the Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort

Willemstad is Curacao’s capital and it’s also a UNESCO World Heritage City.

St. Anna Bay divides the town into two components, Punda (east) and Otrobanda (west) and they’re both connected by the Queen Emma Bridge. Most of the websites are seen at Punda.  Handelskade is the #1 attraction at Willemstad. This historical waterfront road comes with a row of colorful Dutch houses. After being harassed by recurring problems, which he blamed on the warmth of white houses, Governor-genergal Albert Kikket passed a law which colors must be employed on all buildings. That is the reason the buildings at Willemstad and here are so vibrant.

Go Cliff Jumping in Grote Knip “Playa Abou”

Queen Emma Bridge is a very long pontoon bridge which joins Punda and Otrobanda. The bridge has been renovated and was built in 1888. It’s hinged and opens frequently to let ships pass. The locals have given the bridge that the nickname”Our Swinging Old Lady” as it’ll swing to the Otrabanda side of Willemstad. Try to be on the bridge (next to Punda) if it opens. This will supply you with the opportunity sway and you could catch some gorgeous photographs of Handelskade out there.

Go to the Suplado Blow Hole!

Next is your Floating Market — a network of boats from Venezuela loaded with fresh vegetables and fruit and sometimes even fish. Here you can discover avocados, bananas, even and yuca sugar cane. If you are seeking to take photos of the boats, pass the sector and visit another bridge.

Now we head to Plasa Bieu, which is the older industry. It used to be where girls would market food but is presently a food court. I advise that you come to view all of the action! If you are adventuresome then try a delicacy, some Iguana meat!

There are many forts in Willemstad. The three that you ought to visit are Fort Amsterdam, Rif Fort and Fort Nassau. Fort Amsterdam it is the fort on the island and will be now on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The fort houses the Army’s office, Council of Ministers and government offices today.  The Rif Fort is currently in Otrobanda and dates back to 1828. It’s a shopping centre with restaurants, bars, an ice cream parlor and a patio Now. Here you may find some of the greatest opinions of Fort Amsterdam and Otrobanda!

About a 5-minute Driveway Outside Willemstad is Fort Nassau.

10 Things to Do in Curacao

The fort was completed in 1797 to protect St. Anna Bay. For decades it served as a sign post for the harbor and also a control tower operating on the Pontoon Bridge. I recommend if you’re looking looking over all of Willemstad coming here!

Close to the airport we’ve got the Hato Caves. These temples were formed millions of years ago beneath the sea. Water levels dropped and the island of Curacao has been born. There are multipurpose tours given every hour on the hour between 9 am — 4 pm. Entry is 14 Nafl ($ 6,98) per individual.

The cave is also home to pools excellent coral reefs, waterfalls and many statues. The most famous of the statues is that the Madonna statue, however, my favorite was that the pirate with no eyes and a patch! So photographs are strictly prohibited, There’s also a colony of bats inside the cave. The excursion last roughly 45 minutes.

The Curacao Ostrich Farm is Situated about 15 minutes drive south of Willemstad on the road to Groot St. Jordan at Santa Catherina.

The Ostrich Safari Tour ($17) takes you around the farm at a safari vehicle to find out about the African Ostrich and the Emu. Here you’ll encounter all stages in the life span of this ostrich, from walnut, infant, adult and juvenile.

The farm also has the 2nd largest bird in the world, a Emu. Their colour is somewhat darker, although they seem very much like an Ostrich. Your guide will reveal you an Ostrich performing the defense dance. I got a chance get to stand on an Ostrich egg, which is strong and even to see the baby ostriches. Overall a terrific experience to know about this amazing birds!

A few minutes of Willemstad is The Genuine Curacao Liqueur factory, that dates back to 1896. A trip to the distillery is a trip through the history of Curacao. Here you may walk through the history, find out about the manufacturing process and some of the flavors that are different may try out that they create.

The Genuine Curacao Liqueur is the only truly Curacao in the world! The item is sourced from the lahara oranges from a single plantation in Curacao. The most famous is that the liqueur blue, but they have koffie , green, red, orange, rum & raisin, chocolate and clear. My favorite was the orange!

10 Things to Do in Curacao

Christoffelpark is the largest national park of Curacao. The park has a rich selection of local flora and fauna! A number of plants and the birds , are only found here and no where else around the island contain the Curacao white tailed deer, the Palabrua, the native barn owl and wild orchids.

10 Things to Do in Curacao

If you wish to climb the Christoffel mountain (350 meters/ 1,150 ft ) you should arrive very early in the morning. In the top you will enjoy the views of Curacao. The park opens at on weekdays and 6 am on weekends. You should begin your climb later then 11 since it can become extremely hot in the afternoon. There are now eight hiking paths, some are relatively simple and many others are challenging! Don’t forget to bring a great deal of walking and water shoes. You can also take a jeep, mountain bike or go horseback riding, if you do not wish to increase!

10 Things to Do in Curacao

Shete Boka Is Located on the western Coast of This island, along with Christoffelpark.

This national park is currently home to some dozen bokas (coves). Shete Boka signifies seven inlets, however, there are actually many. The park begins at Boke Tabla. From the top of Boka Tabla, you get waves breaking around the rugged shore in addition to incredible views of the Caribbean Sea.

Book Snorkeling Tour and your Full-Day Shete Boca here!

The sole Boka you should not overlook is Pistolero. Because if the waves hit the boka it echos like a gun shot, the reason they call it that the Pistol is. It’s a small hike down thus make time to find this. Another interesting fact is that three species of sea turtles nest here.

10 Things to Do in Curacao

Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort is Situated in the southern tip of Curacao, Located between the Caribbean Sea and Spanish Water Bay.

This luxury is the ideal places for families and couples, and hotel boast 350-rooms. About 2,000 landscaped acres, rimmed with a 1,500-foot long sandy beach. There are the 18-hole golf course designed by Pete Dye along with four restaurants.

My favorite part about staying in the Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort was how calm it was. I truly enjoyed being in a position to take a quick dip in the ocean and waking up. The Atabei Spa, that is motivated by the principles of the Arawak people (the first locals), is also an amazing place to unwind.

Playa Abou is among the best beaches around the island, and it’s very popular with locals. It’s located between Lagun and Westpunt, and gives way to a lagoon between large rocks. Its crystal clear waters would be the ideal starting point on account of the coral reef, for diving near.

10 Things to Do in Curacao

There are numerous places to cliff jump in Curacao, however, Playa Abou is among the cliff. The cliffs are large, around 20 feet. There are lots of kids and grownups so anybody can do it jumping at the exact identical time. The 1 thing I recommend is to see since there are rocks at the base where everybody is leaping. Also don’t try to climb the valley to get back up, instead swim back to the beach and take the stairs. There are sea urchins as well as the waves crash every few seconds so I do not recommend scaling back up.

This blow hole really is also a secret! Situated near Westpunt, there is just 1 way to get here and it’s by off-roading! I advise that you book a tour. It’s a unique experience to go off-roading to areas of Curacao which aren’t accessible by streets.

It’s close to Boka Patrick, where the sea-water is sprayed into the air displaying rainbows and beautiful fountains. Surrounding the Suplado pit is a shallow pool full of hot seawater. Wear water shoes although you may go sit down in the Jacuzzi but please use caution, the rocks are jagged and also don’t get to close to the pit as it can pull you in as. It’s an awesome experience to get you to the water spray in the face!

10 Things to Do in Curacao

There are many restaurants in Curacao. The island’s diversity is also reflected from the cuisine. From fusion cuisine comes from the influence of Spanish, Dutch, Venezuelan, black, black as well as Portuguese Jews. Here are just four restaurant I recommend you try:

10 Things to Do in Curacao

Saint Tropez Ocean Club is located in Willemstad, and is among the more posh restaurant configurations on the island. This really is a French-style beach club with contemporary layout makes you feel as if you’re in Saint Tropez, France! Have a table and try a number of the global meals and sip on some Chardonnay. Later, head to the pool and then lounge on a duvet bed overlooking the Caribbean-sea.

Brakkeput Mei Mei is a steak house on the patio of a farm home. They’ve a wonderful choice of beef and fish specialties from the grill followed by yummy salads from their own salad bar. On the weekend that they have live music and night is through the night Thursday. I had a tasty ribeye steak.

Other excellent restaurants comprise Karakter along with The Boathouse.

Money: Netherlands Antillean guilder (Nafl)

Getting There

Curacao has daily non-stop air services from the U.S., along with daily flights to Venezuela and from the Netherlands. I flew American Airlines round-trip from Miami. Curaçao also offers flights to Germany, Canada, Brazil, Surinam, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and St. Domingo, Bonaire, Aruba, and St. Maarten. Connections may be made to almost any part of earth.

10 Things to Do in Curacao

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10 Things to Do in Curacao

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10 Things to Do in Curacao

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