15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

The city of Tokyo has been known as the world’s unofficial culinary capital , with approximately 230 Michelin-starred restaurants within the city limits. That is more than any other city on Earth. Although you can certainly invest months or even years exploring the Michelin scene of the city, lots of the places to eat Japanese food from Tokyo are not Michelin-starred restaurants in any way.

Japanese Breakfast Buffet at the Hyatt Regency

One of the things which makes Tokyo’s food scene so unique is it is. Here, you’ll find meals from and inspired all around the world. And while I really like a meal that is Michelin-starred that is excellent, I about inexpensive and yummy food that’s available to everyone.


In this guide to the food arena of Tokyo, you are going to discover fare that ranges from fantastic buffet breakfasts to creative gourmet foods . Come along with me as we investigate the profound and diverse universe of Tokyo’s culinary scene. All these are the 15 places to eat Japanese food .


Not merely is it that the Hyatt Regency Tokyo a beautiful resort with luxurious lodging that exude sophistication and comfort, it’s also one of the greatest places to eat Japanese food .

Spice Ramen Shaka

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Their breakfast buffet, a more stunning spread that’s available every day from 7 a.m. into 10 a.m. at Kakou Restaurant on the third floor, consists of over 25 delicious, traditional choices, which you may enjoy in their communal dining room or at one of their six private dining rooms.

15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

Yoshinoya for Steak Bowl

I recommend oden that is classic and their warming, which was just what I needed on a frigid January morning. There was a buttery beef which fell apart in my mouth, edamame, tasty balls that are fresh, and a few of the fish that is very best cakes I have ever had in my entire life.

Convenience Stores

The soba noodles, which I blended with creamy hot yam, had been a highlight, along with the daikon and dried beans were also intensely tasty foods that I will not forget. Do not overlook the breakfast buffet of Kakou, if you’re staying at the Hyatt Regency Tokyo!

15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

Sukura Tei

One of the best ways to discover the top places to eat while traveling is to go where the tourists go. My friend (and neighborhood ramen specialist ) Frank chose me to Takeichi, a ramen restaurant away from the beaten path.

15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

Takeshita Street

I went with a ramen with blossom, egg, chicken meatballs, lettuce, chicken, and onions in a creamy broth. The tastes were like nothing I’d ever had previously.

Sunamachi Ginza

The spice inside snuck up on me a bit, along with the soft-boiled egg from your tasty broth was exceptional. The texture was like that of a creamy pasta, as well as the accession of the blossom made it seem like a cross between ice and ramen.

Ameyoko Market

I can not suggest Takeichi enough. If you wish to love it at a quiet, out-of-the-way place that devoid of tourists and like great, high quality ramen, this is the spot for you. It is easily one of the greatest places to eat food that is Japanese !

Nakamise Dori at Asakusa

Throughout my four days in Tokyo, I learned that there are over 21,000 ramen restaurants in the Greater Tokyo Area. One of the town’s greatest is gotsubo, an amazing eatery in Shinjuku which is famed for its blend ramens.

15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

Uobei High-Speed Sushi

Dining at gotsubo might be a tiny tight squeeze; there are five seats inside, which means you may need to wait. The food is so heavenly that the wait is well worth it, though!

Gonpachi Nishi-Azabu

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15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

Bullet Train

I went with an huge bowl of soy ramen which came with eggs at a thin broth made from soybeans and oysters using a runny yolk; Iberian beef; seaweed; and onions. The oyster odor was its taste paired well with the soy, and divine.

Even the Iberian pork was greasy and meaty, and every bite of it had been an explosion of flavours in my stomach. I’ve all eaten pork all around the world and here is some of the best I have ever had!

There is little doubt in my mind that gotsubo is one of the places to eat food that is Japanese . Your life will be changed by this ramen!

I’m a sucker for great Indian food, so once I learned regarding Spice Ramen Shaka, a shop at Ikebukuro which specializes in mix ramen, I knew that I needed to test it!

I purchased a ramen that contained pork and stir-fried bean sprouts at a dense broth including garlic, mustard seeds, and Kashmiri chilies. Not only was that the dish beautiful, it was also obvious that the cooks had obtained a lot of effort and time to properly research Indian cuisine and use Indian spices.

Somehow, they succeeded at developing a fiery, curry-like broth which didn’t overshadow the fact that this was still a variant of Japanese ramen. It was a proper blend of tastes, and that I couldn’t get enough of it!

15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

Though me totally filled up, I couldn’t help but try a few of my friend Frank’s butter ramen, which contained cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom. It was fantastic and made me wish that I had a stomach so that I could consume more of it!

15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

The beautiful fusion of Japanese and Indian cuisine which I had at Noble Ramen Shaka is I have ever had before and that I can not recommend it enough.

15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

If you’d like to have an authentic Japanese expertise in Tokyo one thing you must do is visit with an izakaya for a few yakitori that are mouthwatering. An izakaya is an Japanese pub which also sells meals, sort of similar to even a bar that is tapas or even an Irish pub.

Yakitori is the name for meat that has been grilled over a charcoal fire. Yakitori originally only known as chicken, but has come to consist of beef, fish, poultry, tofu, eggs, and even vegetables.

There are an infinite number of isakayas in Tokyo in which you can dine with friends and enjoy a wide array of yakitoris whilst sipping on beverages such as shochu, sake, beer, and more. Chicken with green onions, the most frequent kind, is tender, fatty, and bursting with charcoal taste, and is a winner.

Other varieties you can locate in and around Tokyo contain asparagus wrapped with pork belly cheese wrapped in pork belly quail eggs, poultry balls with cheese, and one of the favorites and tender!

I challenge you to test them at least once, although they may not be to everyone’s liking!

Tokyo gets the restaurant for you: Yoshinoya when you travel like I do if you frequently find yourself in a time crunch. This Japanese fast food chain’s motto is”yummy, cheap, and quick,” and the restaurant is designed to get you in and out as rapidly as you can so you may go in your day!

Yoshinoya has a massive menu, and also its star is their large steak bowl with sticky sushi rice sausage, a raw egg, and scallions. The beef is juicy and fatty, the taste is taken by it into another level, and as soon as you mix and a little bit of soy sauce and it!

The egg produces a thick, rich, and creamy sauce which I found irresistible! The bowl only charge me 650 Yen, or roughly $5.86 U.S. It is very filling and is the best dish for a cold, chilly morning.

Do not bypass Yoshinoya because it’s part of a chain. I guarantee you, it is but one of the greatest places to eat food that is Japanese !

In America, the term”convenience store food” does not have the best reputation. But across the Pacific in Japan,”convenience store food” is considerably different and is practically a way of life.

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Believe it or not convenience stores, called konbini, offer yummy made fare that sometimes can rival the quality of their counterparts in fancier, sit-down restaurants.

Japanese people visit konbini early in the afternoon to enjoy things like onigiri, oden, and sushi in their way to work.

With approximately 10,000 konbini from Tokyo independently and 50,000 in total across the nation, convenience shops are common. There are several chains of konbini across Japan, however, the three are Lawson, FamilyMart, and 7-Eleven.

15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

Between several visits to all three, I bought a terrific sushi platter yummy onigiris that contained crunchy seaweed, fresh salmon , spicy wasabi, along with pollack roe; some Oriental pork bun; some crispy tea mochi; along with a lot more.

I had been blown away by how amazing they were. Convenience store meals that is American is certainly blown by them out the water!

Next time you’re in Tokyo, don’t hesitate to find a bite to eat at a nearby convenience shop. They are one of the highest places to eat food that is Japanese at Tokyo for a reason!

15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

If you would like to immerse yourself you have to take a trip to Harajuku. This region of Tokyo is a showcase of Kawaii, or Japan’s”adorable culture.”

You could find a gem of a restaurant that’s hidden down a backyard that has been decorated with funky art, as you research Harajuku. That is Sukura Tei.

The funky murals don’t end at Sakura Tei’s doorways ; instead, they last into the restaurant and create a bizarre atmosphere for a sit-down eatery. Here, you and your party will be seated at tables which have grills put in them.

Your celebration will be provided with a variety of ingredients such as more, cabbage, mochi, scallions, cat roe, and flour; monjayaki was known as by the components into a dish.

From that point, you follow the directions provided to make the dish, which has the consistency of an omelet. It is quite different from anything else that I tried in Japan and has a briny, fishy flavor!

15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

But the star dish at Sakura Tei is a type of pancake called okonomiyaki.

15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

The ingredients–legumes, scallions, egg, noodles, cheese, and cabbage –are provided, which you consume till they form a sweet and salty fatty pancake whose unique tastes and textures needed my taste buds dance for pleasure!

For the okonomiyaki Sakura Tei is one of the places to eat Japanese food . Pay them a visit and see for yourself!

As you continue exploring Harajuku, you will come across Takeshita Street, in which you will again be overrun with the sights, sounds, and scents of Japan’s Kawaii culture, which is a favorite among young girls.

15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

There are plenty of interesting foods here, but the most notable is that the rainbow cotton candy (1,000 Yen/roughly $9.00 U.S.), a gigantic, cone-shaped cloud of spun sugar which includes rainbow coloring along with six unique tastes.

It is so big, one person couldn’t possibly finish it! Grab some friends and share it together!

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15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

Crepes, which you can get with various decadent and rich fillings, can be found nearly everywhere in Harajuku. I seen Santa Monica Crepes for a single which comprised chocolate and whipped cream fudge.

The crepe itself was fluffy and thin, but the amount of fudge and whipped cream interior makes it so fatty and flavorful. It is a next-level dessert which you need to attempt, and can help to make Takeshita Street one of the greatest places to eat Japanese food.

15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

In the event the shopping district called Sunamachi Ginza is not in your itinerary, you’re doing Tokyo incorrect.

This shopping district is enjoyable and so unique because most tourists bypass it entirely. A trip this is an authentic look at neighborhood life that is Japanese. The area has been established between sixty and seventy years ago and many of its shops are family-run.

I suggest the tempura fritter, which includes shrimp, onion, along with vegetables. It’s juicy and crunchy, and the sauce which comes with it provides a sweetness that is delicious.

15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

You must also try the inarizushi, which will be a ball of sushi rice and soy sauce that’s stuffed into a tofu pocket that is sweet and honeyed. There’s a shop that produces over 400 inarizushis daily, so be sure to grab you!

Do not overlook tuna minced cutlet, which has a sweet sauce; the yakitori; along with the oden and contains onions, which is a Japanese hot pot dish which contains daikon radish and a fantastic spicy noodle cake.

15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

Also have a taiyaki, which will be a fish-shaped cake that’s filled with red bean paste, along with the fresh green tea it is possible to create yourself would blow your mind!

Do not be because it’s not a glamorous hotspot an additional tourist that misses out on Sunamachi Ginza. It is a gem for foodies and is easily one of the greatest places to eat Japanese food !

15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

There’s a reason why Ameya-Yokoch? Market, frequently shortened to just Market, is now a mecca for travel-foodies from all around the world and one of the greatest places to eat food that is Japanese .

It served as a economy following World War II, but has since evolved to a street food market where you can try a wide variety of magnificent Japanese, Japanese, and Korean bites.

One of my favorite dishes at Ameyoko Market has been a seafood bowl which contained tuna that is minced, tuna, salmon, salmon roe, squid, along with a few sushi rice on the side with wasabi and soy sauce.

The salmon was fresh and buttery, although the briny roe and chewy squid were also excellent, and at just 300 Yen/roughly $2.80 U.S., it’s practically a steal!

15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

Also try the Potatorella, which includes a crunchy, crispy potato exterior and is full of a great deal of melted mozzarella inside. I had it with garlic and a sweet chili sauce. It’s heavy and gooey, and a little sweet and spicy!

If you like spicy food, grab some tteok-bokki, a famous South Korean street food that’s composed of stir-fried mochis at a sweet gochujang sauce along with green onion, sausage, and fish cakes.

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15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

I also highly suggest the oysters and a fish called shishamo with mayo. Wash it all down with some fascination to cap your Ameyoko Market encounter off!

Then Nakamise Dori at Asakusa is the place for you such as that I do, if you like Asian sweets! Nakamise Dori is the oldest and longest shopping street in Tokyo and is a highlight of Asakusa.

There’s tons of background here, and a great deal of food shops and stalls to check out as you wander toward Sensoji Temple, the oldest temple in the city.

15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

Make sure you try the dango, which is a classic Japanese sweet which consists of skewered mochi balls coated at a millet flour that reminded me of peanut butter. You will also be able to try a fantastic fermented rice beverage, if you go to Tokyo in summer time.

15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

You could locate huge mochis known as ichigo daifuku, such as a variety that’s filled with red bean paste and yet a second. Both are amazing and blew me away!

One of my favorites has been that the sausage known as. They are available in shapes such as birds and pagodas and contain bean paste.

15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

Do not overlook the menchi katsu, which will be a deep-fried patty made of onion, and pork, beef, or the monja or pancake with a great deal of taste.

Last, but not least, is a Japanese bread which you can get stuffed with matcha ice cream, the melon bowl. It is insanely great, even on a cold January afternoon, and functions to end your Asakusa food tour!

If you’ve never had high-speed ice hockey, you must head over to Uobei, a series of restaurants that provides a quicker, more efficient, and more personalized spin on conveyor belt sushi.

After you place your order your own sushi stop right in front of you, usually within thirty minutes and will race down the trail!

15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

Salmon and the tuna with onions are so fresh and succulent. Additionally you must try smelt roe, the flounder, salmon roe , flounder fin, along with the tuna with mayonnaise and pepper. And you can not fail with the minced lettuce with onions. It is my favorite thing I tried there!

15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

Besides being tasty, the ice at Uobei is quite reasonable. I ate over 20 pieces of ice and my bill came to only 1,209 Yen/$10.94. You can not beat the quality or the cost at Uobei and that I can not recommend it highly!

If you’re looking for a enjoyable and laid-back restaurant with gourmet meals and free-flowing beverages where you along with a bunch of friends may have look no further than Gonpachi Nishi-Azabu Restaurant. It looks like a traditional Japanese house on the inside and enjoy a castle to the outside!

This izakaya-style tourist harbor is famed for being the inspiration for the restaurant fight scene from Kill Bill, Vol. 1. The resemblance can be seen by you after you walk in if you’re familiar with the film. It seems as though you’ve stepped on the Kill Bill set!

The gourmet cuisine here is outstanding, as is the broad choice of alcohol within their all-you-can-drink menu, and that now prices 2,678 Yen/$24.20 for two weeks.

Their new salmon sashimi is incredibly yummy and stunning, and I can not urge their succulent charbroiled oyster enough.

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15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

The tender steak, poultry, and tomato yakitori is wonderful and the tofu, beef, poultry, and spinach’s tastes and textures had me!

15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

My favorite has been the fish fritter with chilies and rice noodles. It was out of this world!

If you dine and drink, make certain to scan the restaurant for any faces that are famous. Gonpachi Nishi-Azabu is celebrity hotspot which has hosted celebrities such as the Kardashians, Sylvester Stallone, Kobe Bryant, along with Kanye West. FloRida was there the night that I visited!

Between the food, drinks that are amazing, gorgeous surroundings, and star encounters, Gonpachi Nishi-Azabu is definitely one of the places to eat food that is Japanese in Tokyo!

If you would like to explore Japan you are going to need to take a ride on a few of the Shinkansen bullet trains, many of which may be caught in the capital city of Tokyo of the country.

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15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

Though the bullet train is known to journey between towns, many folks don’t recognize it’s also the perfect place to enjoy a meal that is fantastic!

15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

Throughout my period in Japan, I learned that one of the most well-known things to do while vacationing to bullet trains is to get a bento box at the channel and then eat it.

A bento box is a single-portion meal that’s generally packaged with rice or noodles, meat or fish, and pickled and cooked vegetables. I had bento boxes onto both of my bullet train rides and had been ignored by their own quality.

Roe and the fish inside them was refreshing and flavorful, that the rice was perfectly-textured and flavorful, and the vegetables were nice and crispy. Whilst taking at the countryside enjoying fantastic food has been an experience which will stay with me indefinitely!

Do not miss out on having a bento box on a Shinkansen bullet train. It is a Japanese experience you leaves the bullet train one of the greatest places to eat food that is Japanese in Tokyo and can not have anywhere else!

15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan

There are an infinite number of places in Tokyo to savor a meal. From street food markets into special ramen joints into gourmet eateries, Tokyo is bombarded with opportunities which may leave your foodie craving longer. Book a trip to Tokyo now to begin your next adventure that is gastronomical!

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15 Places to Eat Food at Tokyo, Japan