Best 20 Restaurants in Galicia, Spain

There’s not anything like Spanish food. Meat, New seafood, produce, and also a gastronomy 2,000 years from the making has earned compliments from all over the world. The region of Galicia is no exception. Characterized by beautifully fresh fish, hearty portions, and tastes that are rich, Galicia is a foodie’s dream come true.

Aguamar (A Coruña)

Even though pulpo (octopus) has become Galicia’s culinary mascot, the region has a broad assortment of restaurants to suit every budget and craving. During my 2012 Galicia excursion, I had been lucky enough to sample this exceptional cuisine at some of the best restaurants in Galicia. Below are my best 20 dining suggestions for Galicia.

Alborada (A Coruña)

A while in A Coruña, Aguamar seems welcoming, bright and airy. Lavish windows boast sprawling views of the marina and are merged with a menu. Aguamar works up traditional Galician cuisine with a twist.

Best 20 Restaurants in Galicia, Spain

Restaurant Domus (A Coruña)

Popular selections include codfish, octopus, the Monkfish and scallops to name a few. Ask to be seated on their terrace. Come prepared to share-portions are really more generous!

Casa Betanzia (Betanzos)

Best 20 Restaurants in Galicia, Spain

Suggestions : Vieiras (clams) using tomato sauce and cream of potato, merluza filet, arroz con leche dessert and Memoria de Ventura  (d.o. Valdeorras) white wine.

Best 20 Restaurants in Galicia, Spain

Campos (Lugo)

Service and an advanced menu have earned Alborada a well-deserved Michelin Star rating. Alborada has a great deal to offer diners prepared to splurge on to-die-for meals. Conventional Galician ingredients are changed into elegant creations which can captivate your sight. The notable menu of alborada is evolving and always partnered with their wine selection.

Mesón P Alberto (Lugo)

Suggestions : Chef’s tasting menu using Lagar perform Merens (d.o. Ribeiro) white wine.

O Grelo (Monforte de Lemos)

Best 20 Restaurants in Galicia, Spain

Located in the Domus complex is a restaurant. Much like the displays housed within the construction, the dishes here are also works of art in their own right. Even a Michelin Star cements Domus Restaurant as one. Each plate at Domus infused with high quality ingredients and is combined with tastes. It is the best location for those new to Galician cuisine.

Martin Fierro (Ourense)

Recommendations: Chef’s tasting meu.

Galileo (Ourense)


Adega do Emilio (Ourense)

Casa Betanzia is situated only steps from the Mendo River. Diners can choose to sit in airy terrace or their cozy dining room. Owners bring something unique to the cuisine of Casa Betanzia by blending Spanish ingredients that are typical with Latin American cooking styles. Parrillada, or meats, would be the specialty of the house, and that’s what I purchased because I don’t want to mess with perfection. Don’t forget a bottle of sterile Albariño wine!

El Asador de Roa (Ourense)

Best 20 Restaurants in Galicia, Spain

Suggestions: Seafood croquettes, grilled steak and potatoes, baked clams, fried codfish, cherry cake dessert and Viña Cartin (d.o. Rías Baixas) Albariño wine.

Casa Zapatillas (Verin)


Casal de Arman (Ribadavia)

For over 60 years the Vázquez family has helped make Campos among the greatest restaurants of Lugo. Cuisine is partnered with excellent hospitality, and also their quality fish and match meats that were savory are sure to make you satisfied. Non-traditional menu objects contain partridge, rabbit, venison and wild boar. In true Galician form, all food will be prepared from scratch!

Don Gaiferos (Santiago de Compostela)

Suggestions: Menú Degustación, or Even tasting menu ($35 per person)


El Gourmet Aljan (Riberia)

Mesón p Alberto has been one of Lugo’s culinary paintings because opening its doors. A Galician eatery initially opened around the ground floor of an antique house. But, it has been expanded to each of four stories of this building! The ground floor is earmarked for casual tapas . Here, busty light , modern furnishings and lobster tanks lure you in. The upper levels are more appropriate, and also consume traditional Galician foods that incorporate savory calamari, fish octopus, and percebes (goose barnacles), and lamprea.

La Bodeguilla de San Roque (Santiago de Compostela)

Best 20 Restaurants in Galicia, Spain

Suggestions: Soup of the afternoon, lubina filet (envisioned ), bogavante (lobster), filloas (flambéed crepes) dessert.

El Mosquito (Vigo)

O Grelo is possibly among the very finest restaurants of the Lugo province. It rests perched over the town in a magnificent stone construction with views of the landscape. All of this is paired with gourmet cuisine served more a unique wine list and classic white linens. The menu features an array of local elements, seasonal delicacies and avant-garde desserts.

O Pescador (Vigo)

Suggestions : Gallegan cheese sampler, fried whole xoubas (sardines), rodaballo filet (envisioned ), bull’s tail with wine sauce, ternera (beef tenderloin), dessert special of the afternoon.

Casa Valladeiros (A Guarda)

Using a varied choice of Galician plates, Martin Fierro has provided the great people of Ourense for over 40 years. This is the restaurant for someone who has never attempted meals, and would love to sample dishes. Galicia-bred beef is consistently ranked the highest and most tasty quality meat in Spain, and Martin Fierro does it perfectly, as well as plenty of other grilled and crispy tender meats! Be sure to set your feast up using a wine that is red that is neighborhood, and tell them David.

Restaurant Banasteria (Pontevedra)

Suggestions : Empanada Gallega, mollejas (sweetbreads) using chimichurri, pork loin, cañas full of pastry cream dessert, homemade vanilla ice cream.

Galileo is owned and run by Chef Flavio Morganti, an food mastermind who fell in love with the bounty of soil and Galician sea. The dishes of chef Morganti are more memorable to say the least. Located in a 19th century home that is remodeled, enjoy your meal surrounded by lush countryside. Galileo’s menu is always changing to incorporate the freshest ingredients and seasonal. Diners have a lot to take into consideration when choosing from risotto, pasts, meat, and fish creations.

Suggestions: Chef’s tasting menu, Albariño Coffee.

This establishment has ever had a century to best both cuisine and its service. As you feast within this rustic, yet pleasant, turn of a century farmhouse feel like family. The menu includes always-satisfying classics such as pulpo a feria (octopus) and merluza a la Gallega (hake fish), as well as other signature house dishes like baked clams and tender steaks. The word adega means winery from Galician, and that means you can make confident that their choice is extensive. However, do not forget to end your meal with a sampling of chupitos, traditional Galician after-dinner liqueurs.

Suggestions : Empanada p xoubas (sardines), clams in mushroom and garlic reduction, pan seared merluza together using scallops (envisioned ), pork with Roquefort butter and cheese reduction in puff pastry shell, apple noodle supper.

Best 20 Restaurants in Galicia, Spain

Asador de Roa provides a vast choice of favorites. Castilian specialties are significant, with veal, pork and beans being ingredients that are regular. This restaurant serves guests ample portions of each dish that is lip-smacking, and has a selection from either side of the Spanish range, Galician and Castilian. The restaurant’s wood-burning cooker with no doubt is its best asset, as it is used to prepare countless cochinillos, suckling pigs, throughout the summer months-a Castilian classic!

Suggestions: Empanadas caseras, pulpo Gallego, entrecote using hand-cut French fries, baked codfish with alioli and creamed spinach, filloas (crepes) full of chocolate mousse and cream supper (envisioned ).

Named for a family history that was special which you will merely have to hear Casa Zapatillas is now renowned throughout the region for its home made gastronomic fare. Soups, roasts, stews and desserts are prepared for the famished. The restaurant is tucked away on a calm road, and features a modern dining room and full-service bar near the entrance. With affordable rates and ample portions, what is not to love?

Suggestions : Fish soup, roasted beans with potatoes, pulpo Gallego (envisioned ), natilla (custard) and also flan desserts.

Casal de Armán is a graceful wine estate owned and run by a family devoted to the local craft of winemaking. Although it is easy to observe how this sprawling home will be excellent for weddings and parties, most people come to be wined and dined in the center of Ribeiro wine country. Like the remainder of the property, the restaurant features dramatic rock walls and decor and has been renovated.  Have a tour of the grounds and the bodega to teach yourself about the winemaking process, and to be given a sample of these goods before returning for a meal!

Best 20 Restaurants in Galicia, Spain

Recommendations: Octopus appetizer, lamb chops, steak with mushroom sauce, chocolate sour dessert, house red and house white blossoms.

Best 20 Restaurants in Galicia, Spain

Don Gaiferos has held true to the restaurant’s original mission: to give visitors a taste of the traditional recipes of Santiago de Compostela within an elegant and comfortable setting since opening its doors in 1975. The cozy and serene environment is perfect for couples or groups. The fish is fresh, the wine is refreshing, and Don Gaiferos keeps things simple yet delicious by never over-spicing and enabling their natural flavors are retained by the dishes.

Best 20 Restaurants in Galicia, Spain

Suggestions: Berberechos (clams) (envisioned ), bogavante con vieiras (lobster with scallops), jumbo shrimp with grilled salmon, steamed percebes (goose neck barnacles), Terras Gauda Abadia De San Campo (d.o. Rías Baixas) white wine.

Best 20 Restaurants in Galicia, Spain

Eclectic décor backdrop the smiling hostess which greets patrons , upon entering. Guests feel welcome and prepared to relax while they feast upon staples like eggs, ham, pork and fish. All of which are changed that you won’t find anyplace else! El Gourmet Aljan also includes an extensive choice of wines. The mood is intimate, the food is sweet, and the service is set on.

Suggestions: Croquetas de langostinos (shrimp croquettes), baked clams on the half shell with béchamel (envisioned ), merluza (hake) filet baked in clay pot with potatoes and peas, pork loin with sausage, tiramisu and liquid chocolate sour desserts and Paco & Lola (d.o. Rías Baixas) white wine.

Economic, laidback, and completely delicious, La Bodegullia is perfect for anyone on a budget looking for a stellar after-dark tapas combined. Not to mention authentic! La Bodeguilla de San Roque supplies an good selection of beers and wines.

Suggestions: Pan con tomate, Iberian ham, pork loin with cheese sauce, sliced lettuce with red peppers and potatoes, veal meatballs with creamy spinach sauce (envisioned ), tiramisu dessert and Vina Nora (d.o. Rías Baixas) white wine.

For the past 80 years, El Mosquito has enjoyed fanfare amongst global food critics and locals for its delectable cuisine in an upscale ambiance. El Mosquito serves its signature tapas, however, has moved on to incorporate a variety of empanadas, steaks, fish filets dishes like mussels as well as home style desserts.

Suggestions: Galician cod fish empanada (pie), mussels using oil, vinegar and garlic, octopus, shellfish croquettes, navajas (razor clams) and the fish of the afternoon.

Small and packed, it is ideal to sit out of O Pescador to feast with this cuisine. A treasure has been dishing up only the best for more than 35 years. Try the chef’s signature dish: a mixed grilled fish platter. This heaping mountain of sea monsters that are grilled also has been his own production, and he isn’t bashful about letting anyone know that it either. He is credited with devising the parrillada de mariscos, now among the dishes of this Pontevedra province.
Suggestions: Parrillada de mariscos (envisioned ), paella marinara, bottle of Almuiña Albariño wine

Casa Valladeiros blew me away with its true hospitality food that was refreshing and inviting ambiance. Family-owned and only 25 feet from the water’s edge, savor a freshwater directly out of this tank, love a wine of your tasting, and partake in Casa Valladeiros’ unique tradition of getting customers wedge”desire coins” into the distances between the brick and stone walls. 
 Mussels with tomato salsa (envisioned ), berberecho clams, navajas (razor clams), Padrón peppers, grilled octopus, flan de queso dessert.

Banasteria is all about its publication cuisine. Conventional Galician ingredients satisfy with a creative and unique kitchen staff. Shellfish, pork, beef and fish are sautéed, fried, marinated, flambéed and baked to perfection. Each dish I tried was nothing short of awesome. Both the wine cellar and the ingredients are updated!

Suggestions: clam and crab in pastry shell (prize-winning dish), crunchy shrimp with citrus citrus lettuce, scrambled eggs with foi gras and apple, black rice with duck confit, roasted cochinillo (suck pig), brownie and vanilla ice cream dessert.

If you have any other restaurant suggestions for the best restaurants in Galicia, please leave us a comment below!

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