Things to See and Do in Canakkale, Turkey

Located on the coast of the Dardanelles strait in Turkey, the seaport of Canakkale lies within an area that is rich in ancient and contemporary history and has been steeped in myths and legends that have endured the ages. In fact, many of the things to see and do in Canakkale are tied to the tales that make the place famous.

Cimenlik Castle

First inhabited during the Copper Age roughly 6,000 years ago, what is currently Canakkale has witnessed invading armies pass throughout the area and has been under the rule of several states. The area is the feeling of the epic romance Hero and Leander from Greek mythology, along with the legendary Trojan Wars also famously took place nearby, as did the Gallipoli Campaign, the most well-known battle between the Allied Forces and the Ottomans in World War I.

Trojan Horse

The storied past of canakkale is on full screen for history buffs to experience for themselves as they explore the town and its surrounding area. These are the things to see and do in Canakkale.

Kilitbahir Fortress

Fatih Sultan Mehmet II built Cimenlik Castle, also known as Mehmet the Conqueror, to be sure the protection of the strait as the Dardanelles has been a popular route for armies to pass through. The castle, which is located in the most narrow point of the Dardanelle, comprises two mosques. Toward the Dardanelles, the cannons about the castle’s ramparts are directed For this very day , nevertheless fulfilling the wish of Mehmet that the strait be protected.

Things to See and Do in Canakkale, Turkey

Yalova Restaurant

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Things to See and Do in Canakkale, Turkey

Kavala Bal?k Lokantas?

Things to See and Do in Canakkale, Turkey

In a park near to Cimenlik Castle is really a park containing an Ottoman building that has functioned as a military museum as 1927, and since 1954 has been the home of a 1:1 replica of the Nusret Mine Layer, an Ottoman Naval boat that sank several British Royal Navy and French battleships from the Dardanelles Campaign of 1915. The Çanakkale Strait Command Museum, as it has been understood since 1982, is an interesting area to visit to find out more about the town’s history.

Anzac Hotels

Probably the most well-known site from the Canakkale area is the ruins of the ancient town of Troy, renowned for fighting a ten-year war with the Greeks. On the other hand, this war’s symbol won’t be found one of the site building foundations. The world-famous Trojan Horse, or at least an accurate representation of it, could be found 35 km north, on Canakkale’s waterfront boardwalk.

While certainly of interest to history fans, film lovers will be considering how the horse is really a film prop that has been used from the 2004 film Troy, which starred Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, and Peter O’Toole. Interest increased in seeing Troy and Canakkale, and following the film wrapped creation the horse has been donated to Canakkale. In the horse’s base are advice placards and a version of the early city. That is, without question, one of the best things!

Located in the west to the Gallipoli peninsula , or European, Aspect of the Dardanelles, is the fishing village of Kilitbahir.

Things to See and Do in Canakkale, Turkey

Clearly visible in the oceans of the strait is the village’s most important attraction.

Built in 1452 and altered using a hardy, interior tower in the 16th century, even Kilitbahir and its fortress, also referred to as the Lock of the Sea, are now accessible by ferry journey from Canakkale. Fortress visitors may climb up to find spectacular views of the strait and Canakkale.

Things to See and Do in Canakkale, Turkey

Following a long day of exploring the historic sites in and around Canakkale, have a seat and relax with a number of Canakkale’s greatest food at Yalova Restaurant, a traditional tavern-style culinary hotspot that has been open since 1940 and aims to keep the culture and tradition of centuries ago living throughout the delicious food that they serve.

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Things to See and Do in Canakkale, Turkey

Located in a building that used to house the fish market, Yalova has continued the custom of serving succulent seafood and their guests divine that comes straight from the Dardanelles. For the adventure that is Yalova, reserve a table while watching the sun sink and enjoy dinner.

The following of Canakkale seafood restaurants would be Kavala Bal?k Lokantas? , called since Kavala Fish Restaurant, which is located along the city boardwalk in English. The restaurant provides excellent views of Canakkale’s wharf also in keeping with all the outstanding seafood that is served 25, and its magical motif is.

You can not really go wrong with anything in the Kavala; the fish is fresh and extremely tasty, the mezes, or even Turkish hors d’oeuvres, are phenomenal, and their raki (the Turkish national drink, made from twice-distilled grapes and anise) is unbelievable. Try the raki using all the mezes; the mix is out of this world!

Things to See and Do in Canakkale, Turkey

For the accommodations Canakkale Offers, look no Farther than the Anzac Hotel Group, which owns four hotels in the area: the Grand Anzac the Anzac Hotel, the Comfort Anzac, along with Also the Kervansaray.

The Grand Anzac can be a 3-star business hotel and includes a full of bedrooms, while the Comfort Anzac is a older-style hotel with smaller rooms. The Anzac delivers bigger-budget accommodations, along with the Kervansary is.

Things to See and Do in Canakkale, Turkey

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The rooms in each one of the Anzac Hotels are clean and comfy, and the resorts hire a skilled and friendly staff who are happy to assist. Among the greatest things about Anzac Hotels is that WiFi is free for all guests. They are highly recommended by me!

Those are the six best things to see and do in Canakkale. Between the scenery , traditional meals, the historical sites, the accommodations that are comfortable, along with the tasty, this port city is an incredible place. No history enthusiast’s bucket set is complete without a stop within this town that’s steeped in legend and tradition. Book a visit to Canakkale now and see for yourself!