Best Places to Visit on Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast

Also known as the Riviera, which comprises 378 km of shoreline from the Romanian seaside resorts in the north to the southern Marmara region of Turkey to the southwest, coastal Bulgaria is a sight to behold. This picturesque area of the Balkans boasts an amazing number of attractions of the modern, ancient, and natural varieties, so finding places to visit around Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast is rather simple, but narrowing down your list to the top due to time constraints is the tricky part.


This stretch of coastline, which encounters warm and humid summers and moderate winters, has been an extremely popular tourist destination that attracts countless people from all over the world every year, especially. Websites along this coastal paradise include contemporary cities; exceptional monasteries; stunning all-natural wonders; the remains of ancient cities that flourished millennia past, and a lot more. All these are the places to Go to on the Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria.


The Bulgarian coastal city of Varna, which dates back to 4600 B.C., is a combination of ancient and modern and a living museum that is guaranteed to delight any history enthusiast. Nowhere is Varna’s combination of old and new more obvious compared to the Dormition of Mother of God Cathedral, which was built in 1886, in part, together with stone from the ancient walls that once surrounded Varna, and comprises stunning paintings of Jesus Christ along with Orthodox saints that were finished from the 1960s.

Stone Forest

Among the most common archaeological sites in this picturesque seaside hotel is the ruins of the 2nd century Varna Roman Baths, which is the largest preserved bath home at the Balkans.

Ovech Fortress

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Best Places to Visit on Bulgaria

Aladzha Rock Monastery

The Varna Necropolis, which is the website of almost 300 graves dating back to the 45th century B.C., is an excellent place to see too. The most stunning artifact unearthed in the necropolis, the Gold of Varna, that’s the oldest gold treasure known as man, can be viewed in the Varna Archaeological Museum, which also houses an impressive assortment of relics from artifacts from Varna’s ruler underneath the Thracians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantine Empire, and Ottomans. Along with its historical importance, Varna’s location makes it a wonderful hub to foundation day excursions to sites from!

Best Places to Visit on Bulgaria


No stay in Varna is complete without a couple of day trips, along with a journey to Balchik, which can be of Varna, should be at the very top of your list. The resort city is one of the best areas to go to around Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast due to Balchik Palace, also known as the Quiet Nest Palace, which lies between the neighboring cliffs and the sea two km south of city.


Balchik Palace is similar to other palaces, and which generally feature one building. Instead, this palace, which was built between 1926 and 1937 and served as the home of Queen Marie of Romania, features a composite of enchanting residential baths and lush botanical gardens, a monastery, a wine cellar, a holy spring, and a chapel.


While you’re there, make sure you take a walk round its grounds and do not lose out on the views of the Black Sea which the palace provides.


18 kilometers west of Varna is the Website of Pobiti Kamani, also known as the Stone Desert or the Stone Forest.

The website is already exceptional, as it is Bulgaria’s sole desert and one of the few located in the Western continent, but the features that make Pobiti Kamani so notable are the approximately 300 limestone columns which grow up, upwards of inches, from the arid landscape.


The pillars are the stays of a reef that, at the moment, covered the bottom of a sea so for decades have caught the imaginations of people, who see monster-like and human-like shapes from the stone formations, and that has dried up.

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Best Places to Visit on Bulgaria

Where archaeologists have discovered evidence of existence in the 29, the website was a protected area since 1938 and is also the sole location in Bulgaria. If you love visiting fascinating wonders, do not let a trip to the stone woods of Pobiti Kamani pass you by!

Best Places to Visit on Bulgaria

About a 45-minute drive west from Varna will take you to Ovech Fortress, a stone stronghold that lies just east of the town of Provadia. Based on archaeological evidence, this fortress has been in active use between the three rd and seven th  centuries, and again from the 10th to the 17th century. During its heyday between the 12th along with 14th centuries, the fortress was a significant military, economic, spiritual, and administrative center.

Best Places to Visit on Bulgaria

Within the course of its history, Ovech Fortress was Employed as a Glimpse by the Thracians.

The fortress, which is currently known by its own atmospheric name, was also known by other names throughout its history, such as Provat, which is the name.

Features of the fortress include the 150 meter-long bridge that connects the fortress to the Tabiite Plateau, its spiral staircase along with a knight’s prison, also a bishop’s church, and also a deep well.

If you choose a drive 17 km north of Varna, then you should come across Aladzha Monastery, a medieval monastery dedicated to the Holy Trinity that was hewn into massive, 25-meter-high limestone stones along the Black Sea coast, creating caves that were inhabited by hermit monks during the 13th along with 14th centuries.

These remarkable monastery caves, which date back to at least the 10F century, are all constituted of two levels, the first of which is composed of a monastery church, a small town church, even a crypt, monastic cellsalong with a kitchen, a dining room, and more.

A monastery chapel is contained by the level’s caves . Because of location and their distinctive structure, the Aladzha Rock Monastery has been the subject of numerous legends and myths. Those interested in the history of the monastery and the museum that is on-site may go to to find out more regarding the monument that is public.

Another place to Go to on the Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria is the city of Burgas.

Best Places to Visit on Bulgaria

This city, that’s the second-largest round the nation’s Black Sea Coast, is not just an excellent city to explore, it is also another wonderful home base from when you wish to set out on day excursions in the surrounding area, to journey.

Among the top attractions of the city is the Sea Garden, an 800-acre park which has exceptional plants from all over the globe and a collection of sculptures called the Sculpture Garden.

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Best Places to Visit on Bulgaria

Artifacts from the Bronze and Stone Ages, in Addition to Thracian, Greek, and Roman relics May be viewed in The Archaeological Museum of Burgas, and the city’s Most Important attraction, the Yearly sand festival in Burgas Beach, Occurs from July to September.

You can’t go wrong with some of Burgas’ restaurants, such as Ethnos, which provides tasty fish and beef and Vodenitsata for conventional cuisine that is Bulgarian.

Situated 17 km south of Burgas is Debelt’s modern village. Its name is altered from the name of its counterpart, Deultum, the ruins of which can be found quite close to the modern-day village. Deultum, which was founded as a trading place for Apollonia Pontica (a name for early Sozopol) and was an important area of trade involving the Thracians and Greeks, is an open archaeological site that is only partially excavated.

Best Places to Visit on Bulgaria

Roman and Byzantine structures have been unearthed since excavations started in 1981. Among the ruins that may be located in Deultum is the temple of the cult, which is dedicated to fortifications; also as the god of medicine, Asklepios; the Roman thermas bathrooms.

Visitors who want to find out more about the current website and the ancient trading post may visit the on-site memorial, where you are able to discover several items on screen, including the bronze head of Roman emperor Septimius Severus, which was taken by a statue that was damaged by fire. Called a Wonder at 2011, Deultum that is ancient is one of the best areas to visit around the Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria!

Twenty-one miles from town of Burgas is the ancient shore town of Sozopol, which has also gone by the names Antheia, Apollonia, Apollonia Pontica, Apollonia Magna, and Sizeboli in its own history, which dates back to the seven th century B.C.. It turned into a large and extremely wealthy commerce and center in the centuries that followed and was one of the biggest and wealthiest Greek colonies on the Black Sea.

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The remains of the Greek settlement of Apollonia were excavated in 2011 on St. Kirik Island just off the coast. The old city walls can be seen across the city, which hosts the Apollonia Art Festival every September, where guests may enjoy theater displays, art exhibitions, dance and musical performances, film showings, book presentations, and more.

The rich heritage and cultural heritage of sozopol make it one of the best areas to visit around Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast and one no tourist is able to overlook!

Best Places to Visit on Bulgaria

History fans looking to explore the areas to go to around Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast will rejoice as they enter the ancient beachfront town of Nessebar, which may be discovered on a peninsula from the Burgas province. Historical fortifications from eras of the city’s history can be viewed throughout this UNESCO World heritage Site, which has been bolstered since Roman days. While Nessebar’s beaches are a gorgeous point of attention, this settlement culture and history are its principal attraction.

Nowhere are Nessebar’s culture and history more observable compared to the forty-three ancient churches and monasteries scattered around town, such as the 19th-century Church Assumption of the Holy Virgin, the 17th-century Church of St. Spas, also the partially-preserved Church of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel from the 13th along with 14th century, along with the Church of St. Sophia, which appeared as far back as the 5th century.

Each one of the city’s churches, whether they were built during the Byzantine, Bulgarian, or Ottoman rule, are representative of Eastern Orthodox structure. Other points of interest about Nessebar include the narrow, cobblestone lanes and 18th-century houses in its Old Town, the Archaeological Museum of Nessebar, the Old Windmill, and the Ethnographic Museum.

Twelve miles outside of Burgas, located on a peninsula that juts out into Burgas Bay, is a seaside resort city that started as part of a Greek colony named Apollonia, Pomorie.

As a portion of this Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires, the city invested time over the course of its history. Pomorie boasts a 5-kilometer-long beach along which tourists and locals enjoy yachting, swimming, and sailing with a sandy shore. The city, known till its name change from 1934 in Bulgarian as Anhialo, is also known for wine and salt manufacturing and its fishing. Both the town’s mineral water and mud from Pomorie Lake are purported to have healing properties.

Perhaps Pomorie’s most famous landmark is the Beehive Tomb, which dates back to the two nd or 3rd century, A.D.. It’s thought that pagan religious rituals were performed there and that the tomb had been built as a mausoleum for a Anhialo family. In the tomb is corridor, and a round, or a 22-meter-long dromos , stone-and-brick room with a semi-cylindrical arch.

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The chamber’s wall contains five niches, in which urns of the diseased were put. It’s the sole tomb of its kind in Bulgaria, and visitors and architects still impresse . Anyone wanting to find out more about the history of Pomorie should take the opportunity to see this wonderful website!

Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast is not just a hot, inviting, relaxing, and subtropical hotel area; it is also a treasure trove of ancient history, cultural and spiritual identity, and contemporary wonders, all wrapped together in a magnificent and varied area of the planet that continues to bring new people and repeat travelers every year. Significance and the beauty of the coastal marvel can’t be overstated and has to be seen to be truly believed. Book a trip to Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast now and experience its magic and splendor on your own!