Guide to Traveling to Italy

2016 was eventful to say the very least, and as 2017 strategies Ana and that I needed to sneak using all our daughter, Melina. So we chose to do some family road trip.

Why Italy?

Guide to Traveling to Italy

The Plan

I have done a ton of traveling, but not with a baby in tow, and so I knew this could be a trip of firsts in many ways — first time with a baby and all of the things that she desires (stroller, diaper bag, snacks, clothing, toys, etc..)

Guide to Traveling to Italy

Seeing the Colosseum With a Baby

View of St. Peter’s Basilica

Visiting Vatican City Having a Baby

Any parent can probably agree that the record is long, but that’s why you will find some ideas in this report. In all, I’m am glad that we did this. It feels like a enormous achievement and we have a great deal of photographs and memories to reveal that our daughter when she’s old. Whatever you do, DON’T get discouraged to traveling with a baby. It is not impossible, just different.

Guide to Traveling to Italy

What We Packed

View of Il Duomo at Florence from one of the towers

Guide to Traveling to Italy

Where We Stayed

To be honest, traveling during winter to Europe is a good deal less expensive than summertime, so it was just a matter of narrowing down where we needed to go. ” I thought it best to find yourself in Perugia, the capital of Umbria, and also do day trips from there, since I have family residing throughout the Umbria area. In addition we spent the previous two in Florence and the first few nights at Rome so that we would not miss out on two of the cities full of amazing sightseeing.

Guide to Traveling to Italy

Strategies to Long Car Rides Having a Baby

We knew that Melina would have to take naps, maintain her routine eating program (breakfast at 8 am, lunch at noon, dinner at 5:45pm, along with snacks in between), so our itinerary had been broadly planned in case we needed to go back to the resort for any reason.

Guide to Traveling to Italy

Flying With Baby

Showing Melina the amphitheater in Gubbio

Day 1: Arrive in Rome, check out Airbnb Flat, and relax

Guide to Traveling to Italy

Day Two: Visit the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fontain, Spanish Steps and the Parthenon

Day 3: Vatican City, Castel San’Angelo and Campo di Fiori

Day 4: Select up our rental car and drive up to Perugia. Check into Airbnb and unwind in Perugia

Day 5: Watch City of Perugia and have lunch

Day 6: Relax and explore All This medieval city and have lunch

Day Trip: Day Trip to Gubbio to explore the medieval old City and have lunch Together with Family

Day 8: Day Trip to Todi and lunch with relatives

Meeting her Italian family for the first time (she’s happy I swear)

Day 9: Relax in Perugia and Appreciate Christmas Marketplace

Day 10: Day Trip to Assisi

Day 11: Relax in Perugia

Day 12: Day Trip to Store at The Mall outlet Shops in Tuscany

Guide to Traveling to Italy

Day 13: Return to Gubbio for lunch with relatives

Guide to Traveling to Italy

Day 14: Drive to Florence: 2 Hour drive from Perugia.

Guide to Traveling to Italy

Check into Palazzo Gamba with Hotel Tonight. Explore the center. Dinner at

Day 15: Explore Florence

Day 16: Explore Florence

*Notice the lunches with family take up the day — in Italy they feed you until you burst. It means you are loved by them!

Guide to Traveling to Italy

There are Tons of Areas to take a break (and feed the pigeons) at the Roman Forum

We tried to get there as early as you can, but with a baby it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when you are going to leave the home. We ended getting there at 9:30am, an hour after the website opens, that meant we waited in line to buy tickets for approximately 5 minutes. We had the stroller with us since we walked from our apartment. Here are some handy tips:

Interior of St. Peter’s Basilica

Unlike the Colosseum, Vatican City was a little trickier with an Infant.

A tour of the Vatican Museums will require another person and you to take the stroller up and down flights of stairs. Also, strollers are not permitted inside St. Peter’s Basilica (you have to inspect it in nearby). Because carrying our infant was not a choice for our backs we chose to take our stroller!

So That We Changed to the carrier for a 18, after a while she got bored from the stroller

My wife bought us that a Vatican City tour with fast track entrance on Tinggly, making it simple to get in with no wait. We managed to have a really fun time and realize the extraordinary Sistine Chapel, too at the Pieta sculpture by Michelangelo from the Basilica despite needing to take the stroller up and down stairs. We chose the infant carrier too. Here are some items

Since we knew the weather will be cold (50’s during the day and 40’s at night) we needed to pack intelligent. To make matters easy, here’s what we took:

Warm and happy in freezing Rome!

Together with her Brand New Italian book Going to have a Snack from a croissant

Traveling with a baby meant that we had a kitchen to scrub her own bottles and prepare her dinner to Italy, so we chose around Airbnb to book apartments in Rome and Perugia. On Hotel Tonight we booked a hotel room with a kitchen for Florence. We requested baby cots (packagen’ plays) before coming to each place.

The Perugia Christmas market was steps from our door

Guide to Traveling to Italy

Everyone walks anywhere, but I advise reserving in town center, if you do not need to walk really far with a baby in tow. Campo di Fiori in Rome is an perfect spot — close to restaurants, supermarkets, stores, and major websites.

Palazzo Gamba was a 10-minute walk into the Ponte Vecchio bridge

Our hotel room at Palazzo Gamba at Florence couldn’t have been at a better place. The building that is next over was that the Duomo! Perugia was a little trickier because cars are not permitted from the Old Town, but a metro is that will take you up into the town from the parking lots.

View over Perugia

A car isn’t required in Rome, so we rented a car on the AutoEurope website. I enjoy because it lets me select what sort of car I need and compare costs booking on this website. We didn’t bring a car seat but it wasn’t a problem. Once we booked online, we added one. There are boosters to kids and automobile seats for every age. We picked the car seat we needed at the car rental office and did a quick install ourselves from the leasing. Fortunately, our car rides were 1-2 hours shirts, however, Melina did receive just a little fussy sometimes. Here are a Couple of hints for long car rides with infant in Italy:

Getting ready for a day of shopping at the Luxurious outlets

Guide to Traveling to Italy

Miami International Airport

First thing is first. You will have to receive your baby their passport. This may take as much as a month, so do this as soon as you feel you might be traveling. Do your own research! Airline and Each airport has different rules regarding babies. Florence airport gets you take them in your hands, although As an example, Miami International lets you wear your infant on a carrier while going through security screening. All strollers will need to be able to fit through the X-ray scanners so it’s important to decide on a collapsible lightweight stroller like the UPPAbaby G-LUXE. The stroller travel bag is covered with the UPPAbaby TravelSafe program. All you have to do is enroll your luggage on the internet and any damage caused to your gear during air travel is covered by UPPAbaby!

Guide to Traveling to Italy

Most airlines do not need you to buy a ticket for children under two (they ride in your lap), but we ended up purchasing an extra chair with our miles in order that we would have extra space. Take advantage if a baby crib is offered by the airline during the flight! We didn’t give her them until she started becoming on the airport and bought our daughter a few toys. There is no cure for fussiness compared to a distraction. Some blocks along with a singing activity book did the trick! Don’t forget to bring clothing for your baby and plenty of infant food and you.

Baby crib in use Throughout our transatlantic Trip on Air Berlin (had to be requested in advance)

We had a lovely family holiday with our own kid. I was able to reconnect in Italy with my cousins and after seeing her in 27, they got to meet with the bambina for the very first time. Yes, there were times when the infant was fussy and there had been moments of frustration because of jet lag and long times, but I believe she enjoyed seeing items that are new. The excursion was relaxed and well paced — we didn’t create many plans aside from the sites in our loved ones days along with Rome. If you are contemplating traveling with a kid to Italy, I strongly suggest it! Italy is really a kid-friendly destination with lots! It is a nation that is secure Italians are fond of babies. Our impression was that everyone was patient and understanding of our situation at stores and restaurants. And therefore are kind folks to open doors to your young couple with the crib high seats are readily available at many restaurants.

Happy baby = happy parents!

What did you believe of our guide to traveling to Italy with a baby? If you’ve traveled with a baby and have ideas to share, leave us a query or comment under!