VIDEO: American Tries Indian Snacks for the First Time

American Tries Indian Snacks for Your First Time!

I teamed up with to try Indian treats since I love India! Coupon Code: DAVIDSBEENHERE.  I traveled through India for the very first time, but in my 18 days there I had never tried Indian bites. My buddies Work Treats saw so that they decided to gift me all these delicious snacks I adored India.

VIDEO: American Tries Indian Snacks for the First Time

In total I tried these 10 Indian Snacks:

Hide and Seek by Parle, the very first chocolate chip biscuits created in India!

VIDEO: American Tries Indian Snacks for the First Time

Pan Pasand from Ravalgaon candy with a flavor!

Parle G Biscuits from Parle, small, rectangular flat-baked biscuits, and the #1 best selling candies on the planet!

Boubon Cream by Britannia, a biscuit comprising two pinch, darkish biscuits with a chocolate cream filling that is rich and sleek.

Eclaries of a sleek center from Cadbury, candy of Cadbury milk chocolate infused in golden caramel!

Lucky Stars from Lianhwa, this is really a bonus item in Taiwan. Star-shaped potato chips flavored with garlic and onion powder.

5050 from Britannia, biscuits which have the attribute of being both salty and sweet at exactly the identical time!

Good Day Butter Cookie from Britannia, delicious, pinch butter biscuits!

Mango Mood from mango-flavored cnadies generated from mango pulp!

Khatta Meetha a crunchy sour and sweet snack, from Mo’Pleez comprised of a mixed bag of rice and sago broth!

I expect you loved seeing a classic Tries Indian Snacks! If you wish to try out some treats head over to and use coupon code DAVIDSBEENHERE. Also please do not forget to get your Hindi Travel T-Shirt:…

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