Top Attractions in East Serbia

For years the Balkans have captivated travelers that seek experiences. Gastronomy and the hospitality culture is the thing that creates these European nations so alluring. Serbia is a nation with a rich mixture of cuisine, customs, and history. East Serbia is not overrun and very authentic . There are several attractions to assist you at East Serbia for several days. If notable castles background, and wines don’t tempt you, then the foods at East Serbia will!

Felix Romuliana

Golubac Fortress

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Lepenski Vir

By Belgrade it is easy to visit the top attractions in the area with a Serbian tour company that provides tours. You could just as easily find them yourself should you choose to self-drive, but then a tour is most likely what you want , if you want the history from a knowledgeable tour guide. Without further ado, here are the top attractions in East Serbia:

Iron Gate

Felix Romuliana was a royal palace built from the late third/ early fourth century by Emperor Caius Valerius Galerius Maximianus. It had been built as a location where he could retire to after public support. Today Felix Romuliana’s ruins are all inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Emperor Galerius named the compound after his mother, together with all the title literally meaning”Happy Romula.” The ruins of Felix Romuliana are dispersed across 10 acres, in which you’ll have the ability to find the remains of the complex: palace, temples, columns, and public baths walls.

Wine Towns

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Why Visit East Serbia?

This imposing structure is steeped in legend. It was originally built from the Serbians to guard the Danube and is one of the fortresses in Europe. The first dates of its structure stay unknown, however, it was first mentioned in 1316 after the departure of King Dragutin Nemanjic. It was eventually taken by the Turks over in their conquest of Hungary and Serbia. That the Golubac Fortress sits overlooking its reflection. You can just as easily love it from the coast, although It’s a popular stop on Danube River cruises.

Top Attractions in East Serbia

Best Time to Go

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Approximately 30 minutes drive out of Golubac Fortress is your Lepenski Vir archaeological site, the oldest found structured settlement in Europe founded around 7,000 B.C. (Stone Age) and lasting until 4,500 B.C.. The findings at Lepenski Vir have a wealth of information concerning the people that lived along the banks of the Danube River. The payoff uncovered here shows that these Europeans lived in communities of small huts and relied upon hunting and fishing as a means of survival. The artifacts made of stone and animal bones can be located at the on site museum, in which visitors are given an idea about the way the early Europeans lived by 3D imaging.

Top Attractions in East Serbia

The ? Erdap Gorge, or the Iron Gate, has always been a strategic crossroads between the lower and the middle Danube (in which it borders Romania and East Serbia). This river valley stretches nearly 100 kilometers alongside the Carpathian Mountains to Balkan Mountains west and the north to the south west. The ? Erdap Gorge is situated inside the gorgeous? Erdap National Park — an enormous river valley propagate over 640 square kilometers of pristine forested slopes. Get excellent views of the Iron Gate from the Plo?e search point.

Serbia is known for its excellent wines, most of which are produced in the east from the Timok area. Knjaževac is a quaint town known for its world-class wines, that are celebrated each year alongside cheeses and hams at the annual wine festival. Strolling around Knjaževac will reveal bridges and homes that are conventional. Other excellent wine cities in East Serbia include Rogljevo along with Rajac, each of which utilize conventional”Pivnica” or stone wine cellars to age their wines. Pivnica are structures unique to Serbia which have become significant cases of ethno (folk) structure. There are about 420 conventional Pivnica being used in Rajac and Rogljevo, which means there’s loads of opportunity!

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Overall Serbia is a fantastic destination for travelers because it is still affordable in comparison to locations from Western Europe. East Serbia is a delight for history and wine buffs alike. To experience the areas we have written about here, plus areas of the nation, Serbian Private Tours are recommended by us.

Top Attractions in East Serbia

Just like the majority of European destinations, the winter isn’t a fantastic time to see because it is too cold and wet. The best time to travel to Serbia is from May through October. The weather remains mild in September and early October, ideal for outdoor activities. Remember that November through April will be off-season and several areas such as historic sites and museums will not have regular operating hours.

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